Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Hello there

Ooooookay, that "soon" toke a wee bit longer then I expected. There are many, many reasons for it:  First of all, I am tired. Like real tired! If I manage to sit at the sofa at night and watch a full movie, that is big! With a blow all my creativity and activity has taken off around the beginning of July. For a good reason though. Aaron is getting company next year! :-) So all my energy seems to have left for some inside production. Only a few tiny knittings have happend since, some Saartje Booties, a Pebbles Vest (with a little help from a friend) , a Puerperium, ravelry classics...

The other reason for my absence were some serious doubts about me blogging at all. It still feels like it just takes too much of my energy and time that I would rather spend at other places then my desk (no laptop). Don' get me wrong. I love my little blogger land, with you in it, all those wonderful people I "met" from all over the world. And I dearly miss it too. But I think I gave up too much of the real thing for it. Problem is, I still haven't really figured out what to do. I don't want to miss the exchange with you guys, I love to read your blogs and have continued to do so all through summer. But I feel like I really want to comment on posts only when I have something to say and not with the constant nagging hope to also get a comment in return and to be honest I could never completely free myself of that thought. That is something I never liked about blogging. As much as I told myself I want to blog only for myself as much I felt depressed for not finding responses or enough of it for a post I toke hours to write. So, for now, I want to leave this site open so I can stay in touch with you whenever I or you want to but I will not keep writing posts at the moment. I will read all my favourite blogs, love what you share and let you know about it and that will do. Maybe one day after the first trimester, my energy will be back out here, maybe not.
Thank you for listening my friends!