Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Yarn Along - Spring Blessings

Knittin and reading. My favourite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joining Ginny on Wednesdays for Yarn Along to share my passions with you. Come and join in if you like!

Despite having attended my grandmothers funeral last weekend there has still been enough time and peace for some knitting. Spending time with my mum always means there is time to knit, time to be creative. I found some funny things she has come up with over the last month, like this cosy knitted lamp shade. Made with her own handspun yarn of course... I did sign up for some privat spinning classes with her during the easter holidays, I can't wait! Especially since I have found this great spinning inspirations here (in German, but its worth it just checking out the images!)

How is my own knitting doing? Well, there are still some sheep to be sent off... and there are a few babies due this summer, so I started a kicking bag like this one with that handdyed organic yarn I showed you last time. 

And somehow blogging is bringing me back to my roots it seems. I started to rediscover all that Waldorf stuff from my childhood. I feel like I never really appreciated it enough when I was a child, it had always just been there, for granted. Now, having my own child and wanting to provide for him the best, I return to what my mum used to do for us. Being at her place I explore all her books and find lots of inspiration there. Like the seasonal corner. I really want to get into that and make some sweet little dolls so I can prepare a small corner in our house that features the season outside. Btw, Marta is showing a very sweet daffodil doll here this week. So thats what the book "Jahrenzeitentische" is all about. Here you can find an English version of that book.
In one of my mums magazins I also found an amazing articel about wool art (not felted). How do you like the shepherds mobile and that beautiful fairy? I am in love!

Our beautiful calender made it official, "Frühlingsanfang", yesterday spring has started!
And spring it was over here with lots of sun and flowers:

Yesterday I was fortunate to get paid for spending a day contemplating. (Being a protestant,) I work as a social worker for the Caritas, a catholic social service organisation. One of the benefits of working for Caritas is that we get some extra (paid) time off every year for contemplation, bible rounds and days in a monastery etc. I love to use that offer to find some peace within the rush of the week. And yesterday was one of those days that I spend with some co-workers talking about blessings. We read some old irish blessings, some bible quotes and we wrote our own blessing. Here is mine, translated into English as good as I could. I wrote it for you so I hope you can feel the blessing.


  1. It sounds like you have had some peaceful days since saying goodbye to your grandmother. It can be so hard, but it's nice that you and your mom have been able to spend time together.
    The mobile looks amazing and I really love the lamp cozy your mom knit.
    I hope you have a lovely yarn along day.

  2. Wow, sounds like some wonderful reflective time. The pictures are lovely!

  3. Wow what a lovely blessing! I love the idea of a seasonal corner. The bag looks like fun too!

  4. love your blessing thank you so much for sharing it!! And I love that lamp shade....too cute!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. But it's nice that you are able to spend time with your mom. I find that spending time with my mom makes me feel more creative as well. I like the idea of a seasonal table. I may have to start that here. My little one loves to bring in all kinds of treasures she's found outside.

  6. Such a lovely reflective time you have had this week--although very bittersweet, I'm sure you've shared happy memories with your mom. Love the blessing at the end. This Lenten season rather than giving up something--several of us decided to give our talents and have been charity knitting. something we should do more of all year round. Lovely pictures, lovely post.

  7. Mein herzliches Beileid! Meine Oma ist am 9 Februar gestorben und ich weiss wie schwer so ein Abschied ist.
    Deine Bilder sind alle wunderschoen geworden!

  8. Oh, the watercolors on that calendar are so pretty!

  9. oh gesche what a lovely post. i want to comment on everything. your mum, she sounds amazing. love her lamp, i have always wanted to make one of those. your waldorf upbringing, so wonderful. i love that you'll be learning to spin with your mum too. i wish i could sign up for that class too. love the books, and yes, those needlefelted fairys are so perfect. love them.

    the calendar you have is so pretty. i love the watercolors. but my favorite is the blessing you have made. thank you so much. i'm going to print it out, i love it so much.
    have a beautiful day dear, lori xxx

  10. Wundervoll! Der Spruch auf dem Kalender... soooo schön (und so wahr)!
    Mit Babysachen hab ich noch gar nicht angefangen, es scheint mir alles noch so weit weg... dabei sind es gar nicht so viele Monate bis zum Sommer :)
    So schöne Wolle verarbeitest du da wieder - entschuldige, dass ich auf deutsch schreibe, aber mein Englisch ist etwas eingerostet und ich bin gerade sehr schlecht drauf zu sprechen, weil ich an einer Anleitung halb am Verzweifeln bin, sodass ich dann doch lieber bei Deutsch bleibe ;)
    Alles Liebe. maria

  11. und danke für den tollen link zum selbst gesponnen garn, faszinierend und spiele schon lange mit dem gedanken mir ein spinnrad zu kaufen:) der gestrickte lampenschirm ist aber auch hübsch;)ich hoffe du hattest einen guten abschied (vorletzter post)..
    ps: deine Zeilen unten sind wunderschön!

  12. So sorry about your grandmother but your restive week sounds like it was just something you needed. Love the daffodils!

  13. I'm glad you had some peaceful time with your mother. I love her knitted lampshade. I try to include some of the Waldorf ideas in our home. You are lucky to have had that as a child. I hope you continue to enjoy rediscovering it.

  14. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Your spring blessing is beautiful, and I've never seen a knitted lamp shade before!

  15. Thank you all so much for your kind, encouraging words. I am so glad you are out there!!! I feel like giving you all a big, big hug, so, *HUG*