Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Sunday of Plenty

Some days just feel so much larger than others, larger as in so much more stuff fits into that day than into an average one. I really don't know how that happens. If it all depends on the way you start your day? Possibly starting the day with freshly bakes scones helps? What do you think?

A walk after breakfast with some brought in lilacs (?) might also do the trick...

A day like that certainly needs a lot of yarn, yummy colors, maybe some dyeing even, no harm in that!

Definately giving some extra special moment to your enlarged day will be having a good chat with your Papa under a blanket without Mama to see you. Papa needs lots and lots of soccer on telly on a day like that and some running during Aarons nap time.

Mama needs this:

Yes! Enjoying my new spinning wheel, at the balcony, so much! With a cute little boy discovering his toes showing out of his new summer shoes, how weird...

And anyway, sunday living at the balcony, never to be underestimated! Ooops, there's been a road accident... (no hurt feelings here, we have done the chalk drawings way earlier, I don' think he even recognized that stickmann, so it just looks a bit evil in the picture).

Some late spring seeding of Physalis... (late, since I forgot the seeds in the freezer. Because on the package it said to give them two weeks of frost, it might have been a few more, I hope they survived...)

Of course a day like that needs good, fresh food. We had some asparagus-potato salat with chives, olive oil and a little salt. Sooooo yummy!

Knitting? Sure there has been a wee bit of that too. (Never mind my toe nails need some up doing...)

But even a day full of plenty like that comes to an end. Too bad I can't take my wheel to bed with me, so here it is once more. I am so in love :-)

How has been your weekend? I hope to see you over at Amandas for Weekending!

Edit: happyly joing in Woolly Wednesday this month too. 


  1. Ich will auch ein Stück Scones haben, bitte! Euer Sonntag scheint sehr friedlich und entspannt und reich gewesen zu sein...

  2. oh dear, as usual i don't know where to begin. i always feel the need to comment on every photo gesche, wouldn't it be lovely if we were neighbors, then i could just come over and tell you!
    okay, scones = yum! lilacs, gorgeous. beautiful wool and chatting under a blanket= excellent! look how perfect you spin! i'm so impressed. and aaron, adorable. crossing fingers for your seeds and what is that painted doll?! did you make it? how cute. lunch looks yummy indeed and your sock matches your toes! your wheel is beautiful, i can see why your in love. i'm so happy for you!
    my weekend was lovely too, thank you for asking dear.
    xxxxxx lori

  3. congrats on your new wheel!

    and scones, and beautiful baby, and flowers, and knitting, and well...sounds lovely :)

  4. Gorgeous wheel!!! What will you do with the yarn?? I am sure you have something lovely planned. After seeing your scones I think I will have to make some this week!

  5. ooooh was für ein schönes Spinnrad!!wenn ich mir das irgendwann noch einmal überlege musst du mir nochmal sagen was das für eines ist! diese farben, dieser post...einfach schön und zum genießen!
    alles liebe un dich meld mich noch!!;)

  6. I love how your yarn matches the lilacs.. We used to have a bush in our garden when I was little, they are beautiful.
    Can't blame you about the spinning wheel photos - it's fantastic, enjoy!

  7. Beautiful, beauntiful spinning!

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  9. Lovely to get spinning outside, connecting with the outside world and nature.