Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Yarn Along - Family strings

Knittin and reading. My favourite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joining Ginny on Wednesdays for Yarn Along to share my passions with you. Come and join in if you like!

Sitting here at at my mums dining table, overlooking her garden while the sun sets into a rather romantic evening sky I feel calm, peaceful, like I came home. Which I did indeed. To keep it real, there are not only the good feelings, our family is not all about happiness and laughter. There have been tears too, today and in the past. Today at my grandmothers "grave" which is a tree in the forest. And some more in a little conflict I had with my dad in the afternoon. There is a lot of unspoken in our family, silent reproaches, agression too, accusations. So the days at my parents place never pass by without tension but also a lot of good will to keep it together and make the most out of it. 
And for now, right here, I feel happy. Aaron went to bed an hour ago and is still singing to himself in the room next door, and a blackbird is still singing in the garden. I love their music.
I have not started with my actual spinning lessons yet since there was so much else to do, like dying some skeins my mum had already spon and twist it in different colors. Those adventures with different yarn types and colors are the most exhiting part of all for me. I am really a color freak. The moment a yarn gets dipped into a dye, the moment when two different colors get twisted together and make a knew one my heart beats faster.

Of course it is also very exhiting to see your designed yarn to come alive in a knitting, even if it is just a gauge. Unfortunatly the two different colors don't show very well in the pictures. One is a turquoise the other mint green. The somehow remind me of a iced cake so I calles the "The icing on the cake" ;-) Not sure what to knit with it yet... Any ideas?

I just ordered a book (fortunatly I was smart enough to let it sent to my parents place) about gardening in smal spaces. I have discovered that I can not only use our balcony for growing some herbs but also the little flower beds just down from the balcony (we live on the ground floor in a rented apartment) So I planted some salat there already and want to try some other things too. Yeah, gardening, how very exhiting for someone like me who has spent the last twelve years in rented city apartments...

My grandmothers forest (and my granddad looking for a frog with a stick)

Today we have been on a little outing with my granddad, passing by the mentioned forest to visit my late grandmum and on a kind of memory route of places we used to go to with my grandparents when we were kids. Like a small town at a lake called Bad Zwischenahn. They have rebuilt some of the very old farm houses there, like the ones my granddad used to grow up in. And the also restored a windmill. We always used to have lunch in one of these restored buildings, the "Spieker" and so we did today. My grandfather got lost in memories. The food was fantastic and very, very traditional northern German. And did you notice the wonderful blue little table cloth? Its made a traditional way of indigo textile printing well know around here. I really want a big one like that for our table at home. Maybe my grandmum still has one in her shelfs... I have to ask my granddad.

So far for today, I will keep you updated on the spinning...

Happy Knitting!


  1. The yarn dyeing is so interesting! I love the photo of the small town, so pretty! Just think when you have spinning lessons you will have all the yarn any knitter would want :)

  2. oh gesche what a post. i had to read it through twice to absorb it all. ah yes, family strings, i'm glad you were able to make peace and feel happy. it may help to remember that these emotions happen in every family (i believe).
    i love the spinning and dying, how lucky you are to have your mother to teach you these things. i'm so excited for you.

    i will have to look for that book too, we are in a very small area, too close to the beach is sometimes a hindrence when it comes to land. i grow most things in pots too.

    hi aaron! such a cutie!
    xox lori

  3. Ooh, ich will auch in Deutschland fruehstuecken! :)
    Familienbesuche koennen immer schoen und schwierig sein; bei uns ist das auch so. Geniess die schoenen Zeiten!

  4. wuuuuuuundervoll!!!! Alles zusammen. Ganz besonders die Wolle - wahnsinn!!!!! Ich habe den Traum vom Selberspinnen vor ein paar Tagen mal auf "später" verlegt. Dann wenn das Baby auch größer ist ;)
    Inzwischen genieße ich hier mit, bei deinen Bildern und Ergebnissen!!!! Wundervoll! Alles Liebe. maria

  5. Those last two pictures made me feel a bit homesick... Thanks for posting them and thanks for brightening my day with the thought of little Aaron singing to himself before sleep.

  6. was für ein wunder wunderschöner Post!..die gesponnene Wolle, die Bilder...die Gedanken, das kommt mir sehr bekannt vor, irgendwie ist es mit meiner Familie glaub ich ähnlich.. und an die "heimat" erinnern mich deine Bilder auch ein wenig!;)ich wünsche dir ein tolles wochenende!