Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Yarn Along - Mama Sambona enjoys life

Knittin and reading. My favourite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joining Ginny on Wednesdays for Yarn Along to share my passions with you. Come and join in if you like!

My holidays are over. Two great weeks have been spent with lots and lots of Family, Knitting, Spinning and Dyeing. The coming weeks working call for some easy to-go knitting projects again. Stuff I can knit on the train, in a meeting or in a waiting room of a doctors office. Oh yeah, with my clients I usually spend a LOT of time at those places, not the worst places to work at when you have some knitting. In fact, its the best thing to do to pass time and whilst knitting I can still pay all the nessesary attention to my clients.
In my tea break I often spend some time in one of my favourite cafés, today I went to "Cafe Eichhörnchen" a very small and wonderful Belgium café, fortunatly just near my todays clients place. There is nothing better for a break than some french music, a tea or coffee and some knitting, right?!

I picked up one of my UFOs as an easy project to-go. It`s the babys kicking bag I started a while back and got stuck with because I ran out of yarn I had dyed turquoise with easter egg dyes. 
Now I finally bought another skein of organic yarn. Because I was very sure I would not manage to dye another skein in exactly the same colorway I decided to go for a completely different color instead. This orange is what happend...  I frogged a lot of what I had already knitted to start with the orange earlier. What can I say, color really makes me do it. I am so exhited about how the combination of colors is working out so I started knitting like crazy and am almost done by now. I will never again knit such a simple, call it boring, project again in only one color because I will never finish it. Mix in some more colors and the stitches are flying away... you just need to know how to outsmart yourself.

Oh and there is this wonderful book I found in a book store and have enjoyed so much already. I am not sure at what age I should read it to Aaron but I am sure I will. There is no English translation so I wil try to tell you the story here:
The lady you can see in the picture is Mama Sambona. She lives as a queen on the Island Ukerewe in Lake Victoria in East Afrika (part of it belongs to Uganda btw.) Mama Sambona is very old and Dead has plans to take her "home". Problem is, Dead is only allowed to try and take someone home three times. Since he knows Mama Sambona will not be an easy play, he sends his rabbit first but Mama Sambona is nowhere to be found: Her neighbour informs rabbit the queen went to Uganda to buy some hunting dogs. Rabbit does not like hunting dogs and runs off. Dead is angry with rabbit and pays his own first visit to Mama Sambona. Dead politetly asks her to finish her tea and join him on their way back to the ancestors but Mama Sabona excuses herself because she still has to help her granddaughter with her homework. Dead knows he can't let somone die as long as that person does something good for a child so he leaves in vain.  The second time Dead come for Mama Sambona, she can't join him because she is harvesting millet for her granddaughter. The third time Mama Sambona has organized a big festival so Dead believes she welcomes him with music this time to say good bye to her people. But Mama Sambona asks Dead for a dance and Dead enjoyes that dance so much he completely forgets what a he came for.
That is why Mama Sambona still lives on her Island Ukerewe and drinks her tea with pleasure. She gave up smoking though... :-)

Happy Knitting!

P.S.: I found a spinning wheel, or rather my sister did. It might  be with me by next week! I am so exhited!


  1. What a funny story! Quirky. And the baby bag colors are beautiful. So bright and fresh. Did I miss something? (I haven't visited in a little bit) Is the baby bag for you? Or for a friend?

    1. I know I should have said something about that, but somehow I didn't because as it turned out it is a very, very sad story. The bag was ment for my colleges (and dear friend) baby, due in September, but yesterday when I returned to work from my holidays I was told that her baby had died. It broke my heart and I coudn't write about it. But somehow the sad message made me want to finish the bag even more, for that baby, for my believe in life, for some future baby.
      And I also hope Aaron will get a little sibbling, maybe next year... ;-)

  2. I love the colors you paired together for the kicking bag, so bright! I am happy for you that your holiday was good. So sad about the baby (in your comment section) and I'm sure you will find a worthy recipient.

  3. oh gesche (yes, there it is again). first, i would give anything to sit in that beautiful first photo and knit in the cafe with you. your knitting is beautiful too, i wish so much these kicking bags were around when i had my babies. i'm so sorry to hear about your friends baby, bless her heart. love so much about what you said, your belief in life, yes.
    and your connection to africa, your lovely husband and son. i would have bought the book too, i knew it was an african folk tale when i read the title of your post. love those illustrations!

    and i'm thrilled for you, a new spinning wheel. i'll have to come there to learn from you, if i ever get my own!

  4. Oh, Gesche .. anstrengend für mich, ich bin nicht mehr fit Englisch zu lesen. Habe es aber geschafft. Ein schöner Post
    liebe Grüsse

    1. Oh, das tut mir leid, dass es so anstrengend für dich ist. Ich hatte mir ja auch eigentlich vorgenommen, mehr auf beiden Sprachen zu schreiben, aber das ist auch ganz schön anstrengend und da denk ich dann es gibt halt mehr Deutsch die Englisch lesen können, als andersherum und ich erreiche so mehr Leute. Ich freu mich wirklich riesig, dass du dir trotzdem die Mühe gemacht hast mit dem Lesen.
      Und ich freu mich sehr, dass es mit dem Robert in der Schule so gut läuft, wirklich, das macht mich glücklich!

  5. Liebe Gesche, so ein schönes und fröhliches Strickprojekt! Und das Buch kommt unbedingt auf meine Will-ich-haben-Liste (wie du ja weißt bin ich büchersüchtig, aber mein Herz schlägt besonders für schön gestaltete, anspruchsvolle Kinderbücher). Ein 'feel good' Eintrag, denn nicht nur die herrlichen Farben, sondern auch die Geschichte von Mama Sambona ließ mich lächeln. Schreib dir bald ein mail! Alles Liebe, Barbara

  6. Ich habe hier gerade mal ein bisschen "gestöbert" ;o) und es gefällt mir - kann ich bleiben?
    Unser Ostseeurlaub liess uns auch in eine tolle Buchhandlung in Greifswald einkehren, wo gerade eine Lesung von und mit :o) Tobias Kreitschi, dem Illustrator dieses Buches, stattfand. Ein wirklich schönes Buch mit tollen Bildern.
    Liebe Grüße