Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Good to be a little weird!

Knitting and reading - my favorite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joing Ginny for Yarn Along today to share my passion with you. Come and join in if you like!

I finished the crazy colored socks and started some plain grey sneaker socks that my man will get for his birthday next week. he wished to have some knitted sneaker socks, so nothing can go wrong here...
Sometimes I feel weird to knit woolen socks in summer. People seem to give you weird looks when you knit in public (i knit on trains, in parks, in cafes etc)  but usually I just don't care. Most of the time I think there is nothing wrong with people thinking I am weird. Cause I might just be weird, I don't like being very normal anyway. I guess that's why I like the book I am reading this week: "Irre". It could be translated "Insane" and is written by a psychiatrist who explains, why we should not be afraid of psychologicaly sick people (most of them at least) but of those being very healthy, but crazy. (Like some politicians, finance managers and other people who would like to run the world etc.) We can only treat and help people who feel sick and suffer. Most of them are all worried about their own being. Those who are crazy but don't suffer they are the dangerous potential. The book also gives very well written and simple explainations of most of the main psychological problems like addiction, depression, fear, schizophrenia etc. There are so many statements in this book that I find very, very, helpful to learn about for my work and privat affairs.
I think this strawberry has also developed some sort of personal disfunction. It seems like it would rather be a shrimp... But, and that's what I have learned from the book: there is no need for treatment as long as this strawberry feels very happy looking like a shrimp...


  1. You know what? I'm thinking of starting gray socks too for my husband. He really needs some new pairs. Lovely knitting!

  2. Ooh, it is just a matter of time and then I am going to succumb to sock knitting! (and also, I had this crazy German housemate while at university, who would always shout IRRE!! at the top of her lungs - she and I would love your book, I am sure.)

  3. Der Buchtitel hört sich ja sehr spannend an! Und deine Socken sind auch toll!

    Liebe Grüsse Pia

  4. i wish we were neighbors, you have a fantastic perspective on life. happy early birthday to your man, beautiful socks gesche.

    hee hee, shrimp. :)

  5. Oh, die strawberry ist auch irre, aber das gefällt mir. So eine findest du nämlich nie zu kaufen und der Erdbeere ist es wohl ganz egal, wie sie aussieht, die hat noch ganz andere Probleme! ;)
    Happy knitting!

    enim sou

  6. My knitting goal is *learn to knit socks*! Yours are gorgeous. I came through the yarn-along. :) Nice to 'meet' you.