Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

A Full Basket - Weekending

Today I am joing Amanda from "the habit of being" for weekending

A full weekend is coming to its ends right now, boy in bed, man on the couch, me at the computer. A weekend I will remember, a full basket.

It all started with a wonderful package in the mail, from Barbara of 60°Nord. Inside a special little lavender filled pillow, made from the same fabric she used for the ring pillow for her own wedding! So, so special and sweet! I will treasure this gift Barbara, thank you so much! (I noticed the pillow shows the wrong way in the picture but it was too dark now to take a new one. The letter "G" for Gesche is embroidered!)
Barbara just moved to Sweden with her husband so she sent this postcard from Stockholm that you see in the background.

All of Saturday was spent with good friends of ours (Aarons godfather and his wife) who had invited us for a special day-off. We had a lovely afternoon at their place. Aaron loves his godfather, because he owns a rather scary pink bunny that can dance and sing a rock'n'roll song when you press its foot. Each time again a special highlight. Thank god we are not allowed to take it home...
In the evening we went for a wonderful Afghanish dinner, very yummy!

Oh, yes, it is cherry season! Kirschenzeit! My season. And finally, this weekend there was this bright yellow thing in the sky again people told me it is called sun. I had almost forgotten... 
So after helping a friend of ours shifting in the morning (some helped more, some less) we spent the rest  of Sunday in the park, refueling on Vitamin D and summer feeling in general.

Last but not least I want to announce the winner of my small give-away from last week:
Congratulations Enim Sou! :-)
(I will contact you for your adress)


  1. Wow! was für ein Wochenende, das hört sich ganz anders an als bei uns, aber leckeres Essen gab es hier die Tage auf jeden Fall auch.
    Das Kirschenfoto ist ja süß!

    Ich habe gerade deine Mail gelesen und schreibe dir auch hier nochmal, dass ich mich freue und sehr gespannt bin. Danke!!

    Liebe Grüße. enim sou.

  2. I am so happy that the sun is out and cherries are in season. They are hear as well-yum!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful gift!

  4. o yes this big yellow thing ..ehm:)) ich hab sie auch gesehen!! glückwunsch an enim sou, bin gespannt was du damit machst!;)und ein wundervolles Geschenk aus Stockholm, as sind immer die feinsten Überraschungen!
    lg und einen gute Start in die Woche dir!

  5. hurray for the sun! what a lovely gift, beautiful embroidery. love the papa and aaron working together, look how big he's getting. enjoy your cherry season!
    oh! congratulations enim sou!

  6. sunshine and cherries! sounds like the makings of a very lovely weekend!

  7. Yay for Kirschenzeit!
    I love the last picture of the men hard at work! Wishing you a great week ahead full of sunshine and cherries..