Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013


There are times in life when everything seems to happen at once. Do you know what I am talking about?
First of all there still is this rather newish baby, roles have changes, days and nights too. Then we had a lovely little wedding, I changed my last name (imagine all the paper work), we had to apply for social wellfare which is even more paper work. And, the day we came home from our short trip to Danemark I found out that I was given a place in a doula training class at Intuitive Childbirth that I had applied for. So, so exhiting!!! I am becoming a doula. But, wow, that is going to be so much work, we have to read several books, write essays, attend three birthes, two preparation classes, do local research etc.
I can't wait to dive into all this.
Now the first task is to master the pumping of milk for Maya so I can stay away long enough the actually attend birthes and classes.
I have also started a facebook page for my "business" and made cards (with my new name, yeah!) so that I have better chances of finding women who need me. You can find me here: Geburtswege gestalten.

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  1. Gratuliere! Zur Hochzeit und zum Platz in der Doula Ausbildung. Bei dir geht's ja wirklich rund!