Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Wednesday Gratitude

For me, Wednesday usally is a very ordinary, rather boring day. I feel like if I just gave it a special meaning in this blog it might become a bit less ordinary. So I decided to take extra care of the things in my day I am very grateful for. Maybe that way I will live my Wednesday more aware of small beautiful moments.

So today I feel gratitude for:

  • a good breakfast with my sister
  • warm, freshly baked rolls plus an extra one to take to work later
  • my boy, being so happy and cheerful 
  • having a good chat inbetween doors with peers at work
  • a mouse scampering between the railroads while I waited for my train
  • coffee to go! I used to not like coffee too much but since Aarons birth coffee has become another addiction. Feels like such a treat.
  • finding the energy at the end of the day, to do some sewing, even if just for some keyrings. Most of the fabric I found at Volksfaden, a wonderful online store for great cotton fabrics.

  • a snoring boyfriend on the sofa. How this can be such a comforting sound sometimes...
What are you grateful for today?

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