Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

First Art

Inspired by this book, we continued to check out the kitchen shelfs today and came up with something very amazing: aluminium foil. We had a blast! There is so much to do with this stuff, wrapping, squeezing, rolling, picking, hiding, throwing, covering, sculpturing...

Did you know you acctually see light through aluminium foil? I didn't. 
And for those of you who might get stomache pain to see the waste of such very hard to recycle material, I know, I though about it too. But then again, its a one time experience for him, I will not let him play with stuff like that everyday. Most of what we played with can be reused in the kitchen ( I need it to cover my baking because our oven is not working quite right). 
First Art - the book I was talking about gives lots and lots of ideas for art experiences with toddlers and twos. I am going to show you all of what we play out in the next month, it so much fun!

Edit: Aaron rarely tries to take objects into his mouth, still I had to supervise all his actions in this project carefully as there where small pieces of foil everywhere. So please make sure to be extra cautious!


  1. Wie niedlich!

    Ich grüsse Dich ganz lieb,

  2. He looks like he's having a wonderful time!

  3. Ich werde mal versuchen, meine Tochter davon zu überzeugen, so sich im Fasching im Kindergarten zu verkleiden. Dann gäbe es mal etwas Abwechslung zu ihrer allzeit heiß geliebten Prinzessin ;)
    Alles Liebe. maria

  4. Hihi, he is sure having loads of fun!