Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

In my pocket

Today I recieved a postcard from Marocco and Senegal. I stuffed it into my coat and all day long I felt very happy to feel it in my pocket. The postcard was sent by my old friend Madita, who is/was traveling North and West Africa in an old white Mercedes Benz together with another friend, Helen, and two other girls. Helen also blogged their journey here. Check it out, its a wild and wonderful story and a lot of fun! Madita though continues to stay in Senegal for a while, building a timbered house (Fachwerkhaus) for the Goethe Institute in Dakar. Being a wandering carpenter (Zimmerin auf Wanderschaft) this is the greatest  job to get I guess. I am very happy for her.
Anyway, my postcard was obviously bought in Rabat, Marocco, then carried all the way through the desert to Senegal and sent off on Christmas eve back home. Surprisingly it arrived in less than two weeks! (I have seen Postcards from Italy and other places within Europe that took way longer...) I love getting special mail like this! I might just leave it in my pocket for a few more days...

Also in my pocket I carried my camera today and shot some "winter" (if you can call this a winter) images on my way to work:


  1. Grüß dich, Gesche. Ich fand dein drittes Bild so hübsch mit dem türkisen Hintergrund und der grau-violetten Blüte, dass ich es gleich mal gepinnt habe. Ich hoffe, es freut dich.

    enim sou

  2. Das freut mich sogar sehr! Danke! Pinterest ist einfach herrlich, oder? LG Gesche