Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Going for color - Yarn Along

Knitting, reading, (and tea). My favourite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joining Ginny on Wednesdays for Yarn Along to share my passions with you. Come and join in if you like!

This week I have conquered yet another knitting fear of mine: colorwork. I have been so in love with some projects I have seen at Loris, at Ravelry and Pinterest and in my new book. That book has really inspired me a lot so far and it made me dig into my stash, come up with some lovely dk merino colors and just give it a try. Okay, I was not mistaken, it does take ages (in the beginning) and the yarn gets tangled a lot and there was some frogging of course, but now, my first mitten is growing slowly but steadily and I might even be done with the first one by easter and finish the second one by the beginning of summer. Who cares? The knitting is great! I LOVE how colors and strange pattern turn into something so beautiful, like a painting. I have even dreamed about my mittens the last two nights. Please tell me, you also have some knitting dreams every now and then.
There was tea too this week of course, nothing new though, just my regular Chai, day by day, no desire for a change here.

Happy knitting to you!


  1. Oh what beautiful colors!!! Love your work! And I also love me a good chai tea!!! Happy knitting!!

  2. I agree with Alisa - what a great combo of colors. Looks like you're getting some help from your little helper too.

  3. the trim i made for that little dress i'm working on is the first time i switched colours in a knitting project. so i can only admire your's, the colour combination and pattern look awesome!

  4. oh gesche! how beautiful! i love it, your knitting looks fantastic and i'm so glad you have tried and now are having such sucess! your photos look great, love your little helper there. i'm off to check out that book.
    (and yes, i have dreamt of knitting)
    xo lori

  5. Always dreaming of knitting... ;) Your knitting looks amazing; and there'll always be another winter if they take their time to get finished.

  6. looks great so far!
    i'll think of the suggestion you made in your comment on artsy ants when i do one of my next drawings... :)

  7. Bon courage! Sieht toll aus.
    Bei mir gibt es auch viel Tee, fühl mich so ausgetrocknet, aber meine Stirn ist noch immer blockiert, da braucht es nur Ruhe und kein knitting :).

    Liebe Grüße!