Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Small Things and Sundays

Porridge with dates and cardamom

Sunday is all about the small things for me. I take more time to enjoy the small beauties around me, a pretty set table, flowers, music, sleep, some knitting here and there. And even a bowl full of breakfast porridge can make me happy. This morning I broke the routine of porridge with raisins and substituted raisins with dates and added some cardomom seeds. So this sunday started somehow arabian style. To make porridge I boil 1/2 liter of milk and stir in a cup of oats. If you add Raisins or dates you don't even need to sweeten with honey or sugar (which comes in handy as I am still giving up sugar for lent)...

I like using dates from the turkish stores that come in packages like this. They are usually much fresher and more juicy than the dates you get at the grocery store (in Germany). When I use cardamom I prefer the seeds to the powder because pestled the flavour is much intense.

I am joining Julie at Mat & Mi for the Sonntagssüß collection today. The table (at Pinterest) is all set!

Talking about a set table and small things I found this beautiful article at "Rhythm of the Home" about the dignity of cloth napkins, including a very simple tutorial on how to sew them yourself. I instantly fell in love with all of it, pulled out some thrifted fabrics from the shelf and made my first four cloth napkins. I hope many more will join the basket in the next weeks.

Make sure to check out the latest issue of Rhythm of the Home, there is so much goodness to be found!

For me March is not only the beginning of spring but also the start of my very favourite season: fleamarket season! There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning!
I even love the word thrifting, there is no word in the German language that comes close to the meaning of it.  Today was my first real day of thrifting this year and I came home proudly with two full bags of treasury. Besides the usual kids clothing that I always pick up those are my special finds of the day:

A sweet little baby waldorf doll (for 2 Euro, less than 3 Dollar!!!)

This and some more rather exotic doll clothing
A vintage enamel jug
A very sweet childrens book from my favorite illustrat0r about a girl called Milli having a secret

I am showing you the secret though, because I just love that picture of the friendly sea monster Lolly...
I hope you have had a very beautiful sunday too with lots of small things...


  1. hmmh das sieht so lecker aus!!das nächste mal werd ichs auch mal mit datteln probieren!;) und danke für den link zum tutorial, gefällt mir sehr!
    so schöne funde:)!!
    Lg JenMuna

  2. Beautiful Sunday. Wir essen auch gerne porridge (meistens wenn ich mittags was schnelles warmes zaubern muss) mit Rosinen. Irgendwo hab ich auch noch Datteln im Kuehlschrank.....
    LOVE your new jug. My sister has a pot just like it, and I keep mentioning how much I love it, hoping that one day it'll come home with me. :)

  3. tolle idee, mit kardamom und datteln, danke!
    es wird aber wahrscheinlich eine mama-version, die kinder sind da nicht so experimentierfreudig und wollen immer dasselbe porridge: cosima mit agavendicksaft, thalia mit ahornsirup und calista pur, ohne etwas.

    flohmärkte, brockenhäuser - ich liebe es!! ;-))

  4. You have some wonderful flea markets and thrift stores near you! We use cloth napkins as well. Haven't used paper for several years now. Well...that's not completely true. We do have some paper napkins too, but I haven't purchased any more for several years. The biggest problem is with 6 of us in the house, we forget whose napkin is whose.

  5. oh what finds! i love cloth napkins and too, love the book and doll, everything!
    xx lori