Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Yarn along - the last knit

Knittin and reading. My favourite things to complete a perfect day. So I am joining Ginny on Wednesdays for Yarn Along to share my passions with you. Come and join in if you like!

I hope you enjoyed this little video: I must admit that I can sympathize with that lady somehow. I feel a bit like her these days with the greed for knitting I have for that yummy handspon goodness I found last week. At work today, in a meeting, I was day dreaming about getting my knitting out of my bag, I even did, just to look at it and feel good but I didn't dare to start knitting because I believe my boss wouldn't understand that you can take a meeting serious whilst knitting... 

I started with Sams lovely vest pattern for Aaron but frogged the first go because I noticed soon that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish the piece in the size I wanted to. So I went back to get some more handspun yarn. They only had left some natural very soft (and expensive) alpaca yarn but I think it blends in nicely with the bright colors and I hope it will give a good contrast as collar, sleeves and ribbing. 
As I suspected I never finished the book I started last week but instead found this one by Paulo Coelho at the library. I am feeling a bit like this book has been written just for me for this very time of my life. On the backcover it says: 
"Pause. Contemplate. Dream. Prove yourself. Rediscover yourself. Wake up. Dare. Act. Win. " 
But then again, thats what I usually feel about Coelhos books. I have read the first 60 pages and can't wait to continue. If only there wasn't all that knitting..

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. I love that is soooo good known. We are knitters, our hands have to do something! Always!

  2. Welch schöne Farben, so richtig frühlingsfrisch :)
    Coelho hab ich schon lang nicht mehr gelesen, das letzte war "Der 5. Berg" (zumindest glaub ich, dass das so hieß).
    Liebe Grüße. maria

    1. Ja, genau, frühlingsfrisch trifft es sehr gut. "Der 5. Berg" habe ich glaube ich gar nicht gelesen, wie hat es dir denn gefallen?

  3. Looks beautiful. Love those colours.

  4. I love Paulo Coelho, but I haven't read this one - let us know how it goes!
    I started a bit of a knitting hype a few years back at work, when suddenly loads of co-workers would bring their knitting to meetings. Even some guys took it up! But that was Camphill, so they're all up for it... :)

    1. Hihi, Camphil, so was hab ich mir ja schon gedacht Svenna. Wo warst du denn? Oder bist du noch in einem? Ich war 1997/98 im Camphill Kyle in Irland. Ja, DA ist stricken wohl kein Problem in nem Meeting ;-) Ich habe gerade echt nen Camphil Flashback, gerade auch durch das Schmöckern bei Marta. Hach... vielleicht geh ich noch mal irgendwann zurück...