Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Sewing Season

Something had to be done about my thread spools. They kept twisting and knotting and unwinding in the box I stored them in. They made me not want to do any sewing. Pinterest helped again! I saw a very inspiring picture of a thread holder which strangly enough turmed out to be by my africa traveling friend Lori. How small this creative blogging world can be at times... Anyway, Loris picture made me remember one of the driftwoods board I found at the shore back in March. And it was finally brought to use by piercing it with very, very many nails. Aaron wanted to sit on my lap the whole time, so nailing was a little challenging...

But we made it!

And I am very happy with the result.

May I introduce you to me precious little sewing space? We live in a rather small rented apartment of 64 qm ( 689 sf ) and I am so happy to have this little space to myself, always set up and ready to sew (except when it is very unorganized). You can see Nathans working out zone being right next to it...
The yellow drawing of a person is me, drawn by one of my clients, so well captured I must say!

It was about time I prepared my sewing space as some presents needed to be whipped up soon. The first thing that got done was a tool belt for a newly four year old busy worker (a friends son). Aaron didn't want to try it in so some drift wood had to do the job.

And my mum finally got her belated Mother's Day present, a Burlap Garden Trug, designed by Maya and shown in the first issue of Taproot. Oh how I love that magazine!

Now, after the first fast projects, I feel ready to get started on my much thought about and never actually begun quilt made from my grandmums old aprons (btw the belt on the tool bag is a belt from one of her aprons). And Barbara sent me a wonderful push up so, it has to be done, no more excuses! If you don't see any results in the next week or so, please keep pushing me!


  1. wow! das ist eine wunderbare idee! ich warte (immer noch und wahrscheinlich noch eine weile...) bis ich mal sowas wie einen richtigen nähplatz habe... aber dann, dann muss definitiv auch so ein rollen-brett her! wunderbar, diese ordnung!!!!
    alles liebe. maria

  2. Bin wieder mal schwer begeistert von dem was in/aus/mit deinen Händen entsteht. Ach ja, beengt wohnen wird hier auch bald wieder ein Thema sein, aber wir teilen uns dann zu zweit 40m²... Da ist die Idee, vieles an die Wand zu hängen, gar nicht so schlecht! Hoffe, alle Anleitungsteile sind nun angekommen. Herzlichst, Barbara

  3. Oh was für eine gute Idee! Ich habe ähnliche Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten schon (für viel Geld) zu kaufen gesehen, aber warum eigentlich nicht mit ein paar Nägeln und einem schönen Stück Holz selber machen? Jetzt brauche ich nur noch ein schönes Stück Holz...

  4. Love the thread board! Nennt man das so? Hmmm...
    Ich hab genau so eine Kiste, und es sieht schoen organisiert so viel besser aus. Da muss ich wohl nach einem schoenen Stueck Holz Ausschau halten :)