Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Birthday crafting

I try to sneak in some crafting at any time, but sometimes weeks pass by without any. One thing that always makes me start again are upcoming birthdays. I just love giving (and recieving) homemade things, even if its just something small adding to a bought gift. Sometimes I end up preparing the present the night before. Like yesterday. Fortunatly Aaron was still up and helped me out.  He painted this thrifted bowl in my friends favorite color and I turned it so the color would end up all around... I really like the way it worked out. First I wanted to add different colors but then I though weniger ist mehr as we say in German ("less is more", do you say that in English too?) Aaron had anounced being finished anway (fertig! is one of the few words he speaks yet) and so he climbed down his chair the dirty brush still in his hands using it as a very good weapon against me to keep me from washing him, and the brush. You can imagine the mess... After burning the color into the bowl in the oven the next day, I filled it with cherries and roses ( I know, the colors don't exactly match but somehow I like mixing different reds) and off we went to my friends birthday party.

We had a lovely afternoon, except I reacted more allergic then ever to her cats. So we didn't stay too long. But it was good to see old friends again and meet new ones. My six year old godchild (the one you know from the photograph I toke right after his birth) gave our friend the best present ever. He was so so proud of his work that he praised it all afternoon and showed it to every new arrival. But, my, he was right to be proud. He made this huge, wonderful, impressive dragon and my friend pinned it right over her bed to be better protected from now on. Isn't it fantastic?

I placed an order with him for my upcoming birthday. Let's hope I am lucky...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. Sooo schön! Eigentlich sollte jeder so einen Drachen überm Bett haben :) Alles Liebe, Barbara

  2. Wunder, wunderschöne Schüssel!! So was ähnliches schwebt mir auch vor, und die Kinder können es am Besten, Aaron hat tolle Arbeit gemacht! Calista hat mit zum Muttertag einen Blumentopf so hübsch angepinselt...

  3. Brilliant present - and the dragon, perfect!

  4. That is such a lovely handmade gift - and what an awesome dragon that is! Just stunning.
    Ronnie xo