Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Thank you!

Today I recieved a wonderful package from Canada. I had won a give-away over at Pin and Purl and could choose any two items of Christines Etsy shop, which wasn't easy... In the end I decided for the embroidered spring flowers and the printed vegetable greeting cards. And that was a great choice. Isn't it all so, so pretty? And I love the peacock feather printing bookmark so much! 
Thank you Christine, I feel so lucky!

Since I experienced again how much fun it is to win a give-away, I was also inspired in my last post, to host one myself, I hid it a little so see if you can find it ;-) I will leave the comments open until next Weekend (22.7.)
It is fun to find places for my little crocheted blossoms. And it makes me very happy to use my handspun yarn as much as possible, even as strings for this little linen project bag that I made for my crotchet stuff.


  1. oh ja beschenkt zu werden ist einfach schön, aber verschenken finde ich ebenso schön:)die stickerei ist wunderschön und die hätte ich mir definitiv auch ausgesucht!;)

    ps: ich bin auch gespannt wo die blümchen landen;)!

  2. I'm glad it got there safely Gesche! I was worried it would get banged up in transit. Thanks so much for posting about it; it's really strange (in a good way) to see my things on another blog. Yay!
    P.S. You have great photography skills.

  3. That sort of post is the best kind! :)