Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Weekending in the rain

Today I am joing Amanda from "the habit of being" for weekending

Somewhere I read today is the 15th of July. I had to read it twice and still can't believe it. It is raining and raining and raining and the temperatures stay around 15°C/ 60°F. So coats, wellies and the like are in daily use. Aaron has not complained about it yet, he doesn't mind if he plays in a puddle or a pool. So I guess I am the only one being unflexible here...

I adjusted by starting to crochet. Little blossoms agains the disaster in my little outside garden (even the mint has drowned!) Finally I know how to use up all my bits and pieces of handspun yarn. Both yarns are made from the fibre I dyed at the workshop the other weekend (yellow with onion skin, red with madder). If you like I can send you a handfull, just let me know in the comment which color you'd like or if you want a mix of both. (I will choose a winner randomly if more of you are interested ;-) )

One of the blossoms I used for another project of this rainy weekend, the birthday crown of my friends daughter Lola (the one you see playing with Aaron in the first picture) Aarons crown is also in the making, his birthday is coming up end of August... My idea is, to keep the crowns rather simple this year and add a little extra detail to it each birthday so by the time they are grown up they have a fully decorated crown with lots of memories of every single birthday. That should be a lovely family tradition I hope.

Besides the usual playground outing we did a little extra trip yesterday and went for a visit to Cologne Airport. A great activity on rainy days! Some half hour train ride, long indoor corridors to run in freely, lots of cafés and a terrace to watch the planes landing and starting. I can really recommend this outing!

I already mentioned the playground visits, but did you ever see a playground with kids paintings pinned to the trees? Isn't that a wonderful thing! How generous and creative, just what I needed to complete this wet but somehow perfect weekend.
I hope your weekend was less rainy and equally fun! I would love to hear about it!


  1. puddles, pools, doesn't matter to kids as long as they can get wet, right? i can't believe you're in need of long pants and long sleeves - it feels like a normal hot summer here :(

    your dyed yarns are lovely and the wee crocheted flowers are so sweet!

  2. less rain, no!:) wunderschön deine Häkelblüten..ich finde mit der selbstgesponnen Wolle haben sie etwas ganz besonderes!..und witzig, an den Flughafen hab ich das Wochenende auch gedacht..leider waren wir nicht so spontan:)
    mail ist angekommen, meld mich noch!;)

  3. oh dear thats alot of rain! i like your solution to make flowers bloom inside gesche. LOVE the yellow, i'd like to make a yummy shawl out of that sunny color, to wrap up in gloomy foggy days on the beach!
    what a sweet crown, you did lovely work on it, the idea of adding to it is a great one. glad you had fun at the airport!

  4. WOW thats a lot of rain!!! I love the little crocheted blossoms. So bright & cheery!! What a wonderful idea to go to the airport. We live very close to the one around here and we love to go to the playground that is RIGHT at the end of the runway and watch the planes arrive and depart!

  5. Oh! Häkeln! Gesche! Irgendwie freu ich mich, dass du das in Angriff genommen hast. Die Blümchen sehen ganz besonders aus. Ich könnte mich für keine Wolle entscheiden, finde ich sie zusammen doch wunderbar. Hier regnet es mal ja, mal nein, morgens ist es aber meist heiter bis wolkig. Deswegen fahre ich immer morgens mit dem Rad. Jetzt gerade sieht es nämlich schon wieder nach Regen aus. Meine Kinder sind trotzdem draußen - wozu gibt es Regenjacken, nicht?

    Liebe Grüße. enim sou.

  6. Oh my, I would love to get some of this lovely chrochet flowers. Especially the reddish ones. I would put them on our boring black magnets for the fridge :) I like the first image of Aaron and Lola. It's a sad things that people tend to gaze at one if you do the same as an adult - because it's just fun to do so :)
    Love, Barbara

  7. Oh Gesche your flowers are beautiful! I would love to stitch them onto my bag :). Or coat, or scarf, or diaper bag...tee hee.

  8. Die Bluemchen sind wunderhuebsch, beide Farben heitern doch jeden verregneten Sommertag auf!
    Am Sonntag sassen wir noch draussen bei Kaffee und Kuchen am Geburtstag meiner Schwester; aber hier weiss man auch nie so genau was fuer ein Wetter man antrifft. Am besten immer eine Regenjacke in der Tasche!