Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Getting cosy

Oh, tis the cosy season again. And today, even in Cologne, there is snow, finally! I can't wait to pick Aaron from Kindergarten with the slight later and get out there, show him the wonders of that white, cold, fluffy stuff. There was no snow at all this morning when I toke him there and now it looks like it has snowed since weeks. What else could inspire me more to show you some of the christmas preparations that are going on around here...

Last sunday we lit the first candle of our advent wreath. Even though Aaron didn't quite understand what kept me from lighting the other three candles. He loves candles and never eats his dinner without us having lit the candle at the table first. Sunday was also the day to start with some ginger bread baking, so we could send a batch to Aarons great-grandfather who will spend this christmastime on his own for the first time in decades or even ever.

Aarons cookies turned out very interesting and special, since he always put the outer cooky dough from  around the cutter on the tray. Still I was just happy to watch him being so busy and concentrated, oh they grow so fast...
We also got out the christmas books that I had been collecting throughout the year at fleamarkets and second hand. Mostly old childhood memories for me, I hope I can pass on that joy soon.

And some first decorations were made and hung . I absolutly adore the tissue paper window star in the first picture. There is a great free tutorial here if you want to make your own. So, so simple!

In the night from the 5th to the 6th of December Aaron got a visit from St. Nikolaus who left a little surprise for him at his door that he found in the morning. For some reason Aaron doesn't like chocolate very much, so St. Nikolaus was more generous with other small things and fruits. Good for him...

Oh, this busy, secret season. What a challenge to keep the balance between all the extras, the baking, the crafting, the christmas partys and still find space for the breathing, for smelling and listening. How good, to just watch a candle burning sometimes.


  1. Ohhh, sooo nice! Was ist das unterste Buch von Astrid Lindgren? Etwas von Lotta? Oh, Tommte Tumetot konnte ich als Kind nicht. Schade, weil es einfach WUNDERBARES Buch ist. Alles Liebe, Gesche für Euch!

  2. Oh, wie stimmungsvoll! Es ist so schön einen kleinen Einblick in deinen Alltag zu bekommen, was bei Euch grad so passiert. Wir haben auch schon einen Transparentstern gebastelt, die Idee wäre, dass jedes Fenster einen bekommt, aber da ist noch so eine lästige Studienarbeit :/ Und gebacken habe ich dementsprechend auch noch nicht. Naja, es sind ja noch ein paar Wochen :) Ich wünsche Euch eine gesegnete Adventszeit! Alles Liebe, Barbara

  3. ja toll nicht:) richtig Schnee bei uns in der Stadt! Das haben wir auch voll ausgekostet und unsere Jungs scheinen eine Gemeinsamkeit zu haben: meiner kann auch nicht ohne Kerzen;) lg!sarah