Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Honoring our bellies - Weekending

Things are getting back to normal around here. We are back in Cologne, Aaron is alive and kicking as usual, only I am still fighting a cold still but our energy levels are definatly reloaded. Just about in time to do some last baby preparation activities.
When I was very pregnant with Aaron my friends daughter painted a wonderful dragon on my belly so we wanted to keep up that painting tradition and came back together for it again today. Only today we had a few more participants.

I absolutly adore the coloring pencils we used this time. They are Aarons normal pencils he uses to draw with a lot on paper. Giving them a little water turns them into water colors though. Size and shape are perfect for little (and big) hands, they never break and last forever. Genius, really! ( And I am not getting any money for saying this ;-) ) For belly painting you just dip the top in water and off you go! Just wipe it off with a wet cloth any time from the skin and if any color got into our clothes just give them a normal wash. No mess what so ever!

I hope you recognize the beautiful butterfly on my belly. Aaron got a fire brigade because he loves the "tutatata" as he calles the blue light hooter nowadays. My friends daughter wanted a flower herself and her brother (and my godson) asked for a monster truck... I tell you we had a very busy and funny sunday afternoon. How has been your weekend?

Joing Amanda from "the habit of being" for weekending


  1. what a fun way to celebrate this time in your lives!

  2. That is so beautiful, wish I did more of that! Wow. I once knew two little boys who called the fire truck a tatitata. Sweet memories, all around...

  3. Ach die Bilder sind so schön!!! Ich bin erst in der 23. Woche und mein Bauch ist noch nicht so wundervoll rund wie deiner;) Aber wenn´s soweit ist, dann müssen meine Kinder auch mit Farbe ran;)) Lass es dir gut gehen... Liebe Grüsse Marie