Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Oh the nesting...

Around (very round ) 4 weeks to go and my hormons are doing a full time job at making me clean, sort, organise and redo the house. There is hardly any rest. The books I got from the library for those last lazy weeks are sitting unread on my desk. Instead there is more clearing, and sewing and knitting and shopping. I completely had forgotten how busy these weeks were. And so full of joy and wonder and expectations and worries, oh my...
Baby has been estimated rather large (not big) and the specialist that my OB told me to go to, to get a full check up, suggested to prepare myself for a possible c-section just in case. My plans for this birth are quite different though. I have booked a midwife and want to give birth at her house, a place she runs with a few other midwifes, very peaceful, sweet and beautiful. Now, after talking to my midwife after what the specialist said today  I feel more easy again to still follow my path for this birth. Why should I not be able to give birth to a large baby, hey?! What helps also to take my fears, is reading lots and lots of birth stories over at Birth without fear, such a wonderful, encouraging blog in times like this.
Aarons birth was nothing I have to repeat, although we managed to avoid the c-section in the end. It all started very well at home, and ended 36 hours and 6 hours of pressing later in hospital with epidural, vacuum, doctors jumping on my belly and so on. It toke me days, rather weeks to build a connection to my baby. This time I want to prepare myself differently, somehow. We'll see how that goes.

Until then let me show you what I busy myself with theses days:

We moved the changing table that was still standing in Aarons room to our bedroom. So Aarons room was painted a little and became more kids-like and less babyish. I thrifted this wooden folding table (his room is very small and he like to play football in it). The chairs I found at the street a while back.

My heart is beating with pride when I tell you Aaron has finally discovered his love for colors and painting. We truely enjoy those times together and made a few colored hearts for his baby sister and pinned them next to the changing table. Creating her a tiny little corner full of love.

The gnome I have knitted last year from hand dyed and spun wool, Aaron got a simular one in green. 
The sewing, I almost forgot to mention is happening a lot too, the cover on the changing table for example. I am using mainly fabric with african prints at the moment, it feels so much like us somehow. Those two Saroul were made yesterday, so very simple and fast and so cute and comfy. I gave them a warm inlay for that early spring baby to be nice and warm. The purple fabric is, surprise, thrifted from an old dress I bought just because of the fabric last spring. I even wrote about it here.

I guess except baby talk there will be little to be found on this blog in the next weeks, I hope you don't mind and still join me for the countdown...


  1. so nice! I love it all! Sorry, kurze Sätze - Kind auf mein Schoß! Grüße!

  2. Hello!! I found your blog via........ somewhere...... and thought I'd just mention that birth the second time round is easier! You and your body know what to do, what to expect and have done all the moving and shaking before!! You will go with the flow and the feelings and it will all take no time at all until you hold your new babe in your arms.
    Wishing you peaceful days of cleaning and nesting until then... ;o)

  3. Oh, Du Liebe, die Zeit vergeht so schnell... ich wünsch Dir alles Liebe für die letzten Wochen, viel Ruhe und Genuss. Grüße aus dem verschneiten Wien, Martina :-)

  4. oh dear gesche is it time already? love nesting, the word and the doing, what sweetness to prepare for the precious new life joining you soon. love aarons drawings, how proud he must be to have them displayed like that.
    have you read spiritual midwifery? it was my favorite book when i was having my babies.

  5. Das sieht sehr gemütlich aus - wir müssen uns auch so langsam sputen mit dem nesting (noch ca. 8 Wochen to go). Ich wünsche dir eine sehr schöne Zeit!
    LG, Micha