Montag, 2. Juli 2012

That spirit!

Women, yarn, fiber, herbs, kettles, wheels, needles, food, a very old farm and summer, the recipe for a truely magical afternoon like my sister and me spent it on Sunday. Such a special day. We had signed up for a class on how to dye with natural colors at a fiber-festival at an old farm house an hours drive from Cologne run by a family who reminded me a lot of the Soule family. If you speak German you can find out more about them and there wonderful lifestyle here. (For example they have a basket weaving weekend coming up in November!)

Here you see some wool we dyed with onion skin and walnut. Vibrant, honest colors. 
Our teachers have dyed the whole palette in years of experiementing. Isn't it just amazing! 

Of course there was lots and lots of spinning too and good food and, yes there was this spirit. The spirit of wonderful women (and a few men) who know and tender the old crafts of their anchestors. It is hard to describe but maybe you have had the chance to feel that spirit somewhere before. It is pure!


  1. i was holding my breath and then gave a big sigh at the end of this post gesche. how i feel connected to somewhere, someone i've not met is a miracle to me. i love that you were able to do this and with your sister, nothing could be better. and i do love so much those honest colors. (love the way you write.)

  2. wow was für ein wundervoller Ort und Tag es gewesen sein muss!..die Adresse hab ich mir abgespeichert!
    ps: hab ja mal wieder ganz schön viel verpasst, aber wenigstens e-mail geschrieben:)

  3. Es war bestimmt schön und wenn ich ein bißchen mehr innere Ruhe hätte z. Zt., dann hätte ich mich auch begeistern können, dort mitzumachen, dann aber ohne die Mädchen, einmal nur ich :). Stoffe färben hätte mich noch mehr interessiert, aber die fertig gewickelten Knäuel und die Brotzeit gefallen mir auch. :)

    enim sou.

  4. Hi there! What a wonderful post- the photos are all beautiful. You won my Etsy giveaway! Send me an email (I left it for you on my blog) with your address and let me know which pieces you'd like. Cheers :)

  5. Beim Lesen spürt man das "Wunderschöne"...

  6. That sounds like such a beautiful place, inside and out!
    The colours are delicious!